Current Restaurant Gallery Show

"Off the Wall" through June 30.

This exhibit features the whimsical fish sculptures of ceramics/clay artist Bradley Benn and the fabric artistry of Arden Harrison Bushnell (a State Fair award-winner 2011-14).

Brad Benn's ceraminc fish are hanging on walls and in cabins all over the mid-west. Modeled in clay with a rich variety of glazes, they include huge Muskies and Northern Pike as well as walleyes, bass, and trout; down to smaller crappies and sun fish. Another of his skills involves the making of harpsichords.Brad has held leadership positions in a number of Edina's art institutions and has been a member o the Edina Center for the Arts for over 20 years.

Bradley W.M. Benn

Brad has a degree in engineering, BSEE &BSIE, from Washington University in St. Louis, and worked in industry for 10n years before following his heart and making harpsichords for 20 years.  Then he started in pottery at the Edina Art Center where he recently retired after 15 years serving as Assistant Director and pottery studio manager. He still teaches pottery and tile making classes. He has won several award in art fairs and juried shows. He has mounted solo shows at the Northern Lakes Center for the Arts in Amery, Wisconsin and at the Eden Prairie and Edina City Halls. More recently, he has had shows at the MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center in Bloomington and at MacRostie Art Center in Grand Rapids, MN.

Artist Statement:

My pottery has two foci:  decorative fish and functional pots including wine vessels.  I enjoy creating molds from real fish, mostly ones my wife and I have caught, and making clay fish that are easily recognizable by their forms, but not their color.  I use various glazes and firing techniques that interest me but don't necessarily mimic nature.

Arden Harrison Bushnell

  • Winner of nine top honors since 2010.  Winner of Peoples Choice Award (Kid's Choice) and first place for Minnesota Quilters, Inc.

  • Winner of four blue ribbons in Creative activities for original art wall hangings at the Minnesota State Fair (2011,2012,2013,2014).

  • Winner of "Best Fiber or Batik" award from Arts in Harmony 19th annual International Juried Exhibit. Winner of "Overall Merit" award from Arts in Harmony 20th Annual International Juried Exhibit.

Children love Arden's art and in 2001, a 4 foot by 5 foot framed fabric creation entitle "The Ceiling Outside" was installed in the lobby of the St Paul Children's Hospital ER/Same Day Surgery wing. in 2004, a 3 foot by 4 foot fabric piece entitled "What's So Funny?" was installed in the "Make-A-Wish" Foundation lobby in Minneapolis.

Artist Statement:

"I am a 60 year old wholehearted Minnesotan, currently living in Shorewood, near Excelsior.  My life has been one of always being involved in the arts, singing, dancing painting and sewing since childhood. Aside from intermittent private lessons, I am self-taught."

Here is a list of titles and prices for Arden Bushnell's fabric art.


"Fabric of Life"............................ 6,000.00

"Joyful Garden".......................... 5,000.00

"Dog Park"...................................4,000.00

"Painting Caterpillar"...................2,500.00



Coming Soon!


Immediate past exhibits:

8th Annual Arboretum Photographers Society Show & Sale
Jan. 3-Apr. 5

November RoseThe Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is proud to host the 8thannual Arboretum Photographers Society (APS) Show & Sale, opening Jan. 9 and continuing through April 5 in the Restaurant Gallery of the Arboretum's Oswald Visitor Center.

The exhibit theme is "Best of the Arboretum-Seasons," featuring a variety of styles and subject matter--from macro images of blossoms and birds to shimmering landscapes. All photographs were taken on the grounds of the Arboretum. Special thanks to judges Richard Sennott,recently retired StarTribune photojournalist and current photography curator for the online news site Global Post (; Mark Olson, editor and photojournalist for Chaska Herald; and Rita Farmer, photographer and mobile curator for many Instagram accounts and community-building initiatives.

Christopher Hall was the big winner with two photos winning "Best of Show." His "Cardinals in February Snow" is stunning. "I've been thinking how it seems to be much easier to get photos with more impact in the fall and winter than in spring and summer," recalls Hall. "The 'Cardinals' shot was taken on Feb. 20, when we had a big snowstorm. The APS had cancelled their meeting that day and sane people were staying home, but I had to take photos. It was taken just off the Snyder patio not too far away from the birdfeeder."

Here are the winners(in alphabetical order, by photographer):

Best of Show: "Cardinals in February Snow" and "Koi in Fall Colors," both by Christopher Hall.
Gold Award winners: "November Rose" (pictured above left) by Christopher Hall, and "A Three Mile Walk" (pictured below right) by Patrick A Three Mile WalkWitherow.
Silver Award winners: "Graceful Grandeur" by Michael Borg; "Baby Slipper" by Craig Isaacson; and "Verdant Falls Flow" by Mark Paulson.
Bronze Award Winners: "Green Heron Pond Departures" by Patrick Witherow, and "Pink & Green" by Thomas Yoemans.
Honorable Mentions:
"Nature's Jewelry" by Al Giencke; "Foggy Reflections" by Craig Isaacson; "Monarch Flock on Orchid" and "Hummingbird Buried in Blue Sage" by Mark Paulson; and "Blackbird Melody" and "Skimming the Pond Through Cattails" by Joan Wallner.
There are also several runners-up, including: "A Time for Reflection" by Ken Evans; "Promise of Spring" by Kim Herzog; "False Sunflowers Truly Beautify the Prairie Grassland" by Joel Hillyer; "Eclipse" by Lester Hughes-Seamans; "Maple Leaf" by Dianne Jandt; "Summer Jewels" by Maggi Keith; "Hooded Merganser" by Roger Pavelle; "Worker Bees" by Vienna Volante and "Winter Cardinal" by Al Whitaker.

All works are available for purchase; just inquire at the Arboretum Gift Store.




About the Restaurant Gallery

A second exhibit space adjacent to the Arboretum Restaurant featuries exhibits of photography by the Arboretum Photographers Society, and special exhibits throughout the year ranging from individual artists to prints presented by the Andersen Horticultural Library from their collection of seed catalog covers or botanical prints, etc.  Check this more intimate and informal space for delightful interpretations of Arboretum seasons, fanciful prints and other photography exhibits in conjunction with Arboretum seasonal exhibits and displays.  All artwork is available for sale through the Arboretum Gift Store. A portion of proceeds benefits the Arboretum.

Off the Wall quilt

Current Exhibit: Off the Wall

Featuring whimsical fish sculptures by clay/ceramics artist Bradley Benn and the fabric artistry of Arden Harrison Bushnell.

Pictured: Fabric of Life quilt by Arden Harrison Bushnell