Smart Snack Pop-up Gardens
Summer 2013

Smart Snack Pop-up Gardens is a Growing for Good Initiative of the Arboretum's Urban Garden Youth Employment Program.  It offers urban youth a unique opportunity to grow their skills in leadership, communication and horticulture while contributing to the quality of life in city neighborhoods.

Project goals:

  • Youth will install, plant and maintain pop-up gardens of cherry tomatoes, basil and annuals at 20 sites in Minneapolis.
  • Youth will research growing healthy food, gardening to attract pollinators and the importance of pollinators for food production, including pollinator counts and harvest totals.
  • Youth will communicate their results with community partners, sponsors and the public via presentations and the Arboretum website.

Installation Days: June 1 & June 8
Work teams of urban teens, with the assistance of Arboretum staff and Wells Fargo Green Team volunteers, install pop-up gardens created from 4-ft grow bags filled with container growing mix.

Watch the video below to see how the results of the Smart Snacks gardens in 2013:


Find a Smart Snack Pop-up Garden
Download the map to locate Smart Snack Pop-up Gardens at 20 urban hardscape sites in Minneapolis, in collaboration with community partners such as preschools and neighborhood centers, including Sunshine Preschool and the Pillsbury Waite House Garden.

Visit the Teaching Garden outside the Oswald Visitor Center for more information on Smart Snacks initiative sponsored by Wells Fargo and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

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We are so excited to be starting our new 2013 season at CityFresh Veggies 1.  Our group consists of two sites, one at Kaleidoscope and one at Oak Park, both in Minneapolis.  It has been so exciting to see the plants begin to grow and thrive with all this awesome rain!  We hope to be harvesting in the next few weeks.  This year, Veggies 1 is growing peppers, kale, chard, parsley, basil, tomatoes and celery.  The gardens look great and we are looking forward to making our first sales! Listen to a PSA announcement recorded by the team!


Find a Smart Snack Pop-up Garden
Coming Soon. Watch for Smart Snack Pop-up Gardens at 20 urban hardscape sites in Minneapolis, in collaboration with community partners such as preschools and neighborhood centers.

Smart Snacks for People
Coming Soon. Click here for the latest nutritional information about tomatoes and intriguing recipe ideas

Smart Snacks for Pollinators
Coming Soon. Click here for information on bees as pollinators and ideas for attracting them to your garden

Keep It Growing
Coming Soon. Click here for information on helping this program grow, and on becoming a sponsor or partner

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As the generous sponsor of the program, Wells Fargo not only provides funding, but Wells Fargo team members also volunteer their time to serve as mentors to the youth gardeners in business skill areas such as money management, communication and other areas directly related to this project. Each garden demonstrates that Wells Fargo supports Growing for Good and increasing green space in urban communities through philanthropy and corporate volunteers.

101 Until You're Done
The long term goal of the Smart Snack Pop-up Gardens is to inspire other companies and community partners to get involved and give their time, talent and treasure to grow this effort from the initial 20 garden sites in the summer of 2013 to 101 sites in the future.

To get involved with this project in 2014 and beyond, contact Beverly Anglum, Corporate Relations Manager and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum at or 952-443-1407.

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