Tropical Tree in the Great Hall
January 11–31*, 2013
Oswald Visitor Center

*Watch the tree be put together starting January 7 with a completion date of January 11. Best viewed in its entirety thru January 30 as the tree will start to come down on January 31.

A touch of the tropical rainforest in the midst of a Minnesota winter! Beautiful orchids and bromeliads are blooming to create a 20' tree, with each plant watered by a special drip irrigation system designed by Arboretum staff. Come see a variety of beautiful flowers - 350 orchids and 175 bromeliads, including a vertical carpet of Spanish moss - that traveled from Florida and bask in thoughts of warm weather. To take in its soaring height, view the Tropical Tree from either end of the Great Hall or the balcony area. Then get upclose and personal to these amazing plants and savor the unique beauty and scent of each bloom! Then walk to the Snyder Building for another tropical flower display in the Meyer-Deats Conservatory. 

With over 28,000 species and more than 300,000 cultivars, orchids belong to the most diverse family of plants known to man. They are also extremely adaptable - growing in tundra, rainforest, desert and swamps.  In fact, more than 45 types of orchids grow natively in Minnesota. There are over 3,000 species of bromeliads; the most well known bromeliad is the pineapple! And Spanish moss is not a moss, but part of the bromeliad family.

Flowers, growing supplies and books are for sale in the Gift Store. Plants from the Tropical Tree will be available for sale in the Gift Store following the exhibit: 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Thursday, January 31 and Friday, February 1 only. $10+ tax per Orchid; $5+ tax per Bromeliad. While supplies last.