Updated Oct. 1 - The fall color is awesome at the Arboretum!  Over the next week or so, we should reach the 50 percent color level.   Our Sugar Maples will provide most of the color with their brilliant reds, oranges and yellows.  Our green ash, hickories, elms and birches are producing hues of golden yellow.  Dogwoods, viburnums, hazelnuts, euonymus and amur maples are showing shades of red.  The tall prairie grasses are painting the prairie in shades of gold, russet and maroon, while New England asters and sunflowers provide splashes of purple and yellow.  The color should peak around the 15th of October.  Oak trees will turn later in the month, adding reds, maroons and russets.  Don't miss the Scarecrows in the Garden exhibit, on display through Oct. 26.