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Horticultural Therapy Services

Professional Contract Services and Off-site Consulting Programs provide consultation far program development and direct horticultural therapy services. The Arboretum's Horticultural Therapy Services began in 1992 with a goal of maximizing individual quality of life, developing the skills and attitudes necessary for self-determination, and promoting community integration through the simple pleasures of the garden. For further information, please contact, Jean Larson.


Professional supports for planning a therapeutic landscape  provide consultation of garden design and therapeutic landscape concepts, including the assessment of population needs, site analysis, plant suggestions, draft design, maintenance and management.  A healing garden and landscape needs the cooperation between various professionals (e.g., healthcare providers, garden master and landscape architecture) to make the garden accessible for everyone, beneficial to people with special needs, and comfortable for just being in the garden.  For further information, please contact, Jean Larson.


Professional enrichment can

  • Healing by Design Lecture Series
  • PDF of HBD proceedings


Garden design for elders
with Alzheimer's disease