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Horticultural Therapy

is a healthcare profession that utilizes various horticultural activities to meet specific therapeutic or rehabilitative goals for people with special needs. The focus is to maximize social, cognitive, physical and/or psychological functioning and/or to enhance general health and wellness.

Center for Therapeutic Horticulture and Recreation Services

provides various opportunities for people to explore horticultural therapy. The Center's goal is to maximize individual quality of life, develop the skills necessary for self-determination, and promote community integration through the simple pleasures of the garden. The internationally recognized services demonstrates accessible gardening techniques and the use of horticulture as an effective means to grow individual independence and decision-making skills, and provides unique learning and therapeutic opportunities to a wide range of individuals and groups. Through purposeful therapeutic intervention strategies the Arboretum dedicates itself to the elimination of barriers - both physical and attitudinal - to horticulture, and to the introduction and inclusion of as many people as possible in the joys of watching a garden flourish.

Horticultural therapy services provides professional support for planning a therapeutic landscape, professional contract services and off-site consulting programs, and professional enrichment.

Educational programs provide various access to be a professional horticultural therapist and continuing education and training courses.

Community outreach provides information about gardening for your community.

Resources provide website links to expand your knowledge provided by other organization or education institution.