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This rustic, open air retreat is furnished with living willow furniture designed to be grown, harvested and put to use indoors. Its main purpose is to suggest that it is possible for individuals to simply grow some of the objects and furniture they use in daily life. Installation was accomplished through a unique "non carbon footprint" collaboration with the designer, no international air travel required. Lois Walpole, a British artist living and teaching basketry in rural France, provided step by step instructions and coaching for arboretum staff to plant the twelve pieces of furniture. A flyer with directions for building the wine rack is available in the visitors center gift store, for adventurous gardeners  who want to give it a try. This is the fourth installation of grown home, following the earlier installations in the UK at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and in Japan. A fifth installation runs concurrently in Charente this summer. See
The river birch cabin is mortise and tenon construction, using logs salvaged from declining arboretum trees already slated for replacement.

Materials:  ties made from recycled bicycle inner-tubes, cedar seats, tabletops from plexiglass and recycled tire rim, wire mesh shelving, bamboo.

  purple osier willow, 'German basket-weavers willow', river birch

grownhomegrown home




grown home bed
Flower Bed

grown home wine
Wine Rack

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Chair and Table