Glen Fladeboe, auctioneer & Belinda Jensen

Dave and Mary Anne Maiser                                            Amy Peterson                                        John and Jean Hedberg

Barbara Bachman & Susan Bachman West    Minty Piper, Jim Johnson & Lucy Jones                   Christopher Pyne

Elizabeth and Don Skellie                                Russell Cowles & Kris Dahl                         Susan Hagstrum &
                                                                                                                                                     University of MN President Robert Bruininks

Damon and Becky Farber                                        Jim and Megan Dayton                 Gala Co-Chairs Julie Hagen Showers & Susan Campbell

LeeAnn and Dean Hildebrant                                Kate and Bill Lentsch                                    Mary and Mike Maeser

Michele and Bob Martin                                         Bob and Polly McCrea                                 Cassy and Phillip Ordway

Jay and Anna Thomas                                         Mark and Sonja Miedtke                                  Todd and Lisa Wagner

Diane and Thomas Wentz                                    JoEllen Saylor & Blythe Brenden                            Margo and Steve Henke

Pam Kearney & Patrice Alkire                      Peter and Bonnie Olin & Warren Herreid II               Sandy and Brian Reichert