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Four Open Rectangles



George Rickey


Rickey is one of two major 20th century sculptors for whom movement was a central theme; the other, Alexander Calder, inspired him. Rickey's works set geometry in motion. With his engineering skill, their precision bearings let hundreds of pounds of steel respond gracefully to the slightest breeze. Rickey often told stories about how his WWII work in aircraft and gunnery systems led his move from painting to kinetic sculpture. The artist said of his work, "There is nothing so dull as geometry. But to play with it, and make it somewhat lyrical, I think that is a kind of play, isn't it?"


For the Young (and Young at Heart)

Turn yourself into a kinetic sculpture. First, decide what parts of your body will be stable, and what will move. (Hint: think "joints.") Now give your moving parts a trial run. Will they spin? Swing like a pendulum? Watch this sculpture respond to the wind's touch. Can you echo its rhythm?



Four Open Rectangles


George Rickey, USA, Four Open Rectangles, Diagonally Jointed II, 1986; Stainless steel.