Here's what's blooming as of Aug. 1.  Roses and daylilies are colorful  and lovely!  The Sensory Garden is dazzling with purple coneflower, summer phlox,  Joe Pye Weed, tickseed and Russian sage.  The Herb Gardens have matured nicely - lots of seasonal annuals and perennials to sniff and enjoy! In the Home Demo Gardens, the cutting garden is in full bloom.  The terraces are filled with container gardens bursting in bloom.  The Spiegel Garden is not to be missed!  The ornamental grasses are at mature height in the grasses collection, Hydrangeas are lovely in the Woody Plant Collections. Finally, check out the elegant Slade Perennial Garden!

At this time, construction is underway on an expanded entry and redesigned gatehouse to improve visitor experience.  Please reduce speeds and thanks for your patience.  Have a great day!