Bloom Report (Updated Aug. 17) - Enjoy the robust blooms of August.  Check out the roses and dahlias, all blooming nicely. In the Perennial Garden, the phlox, waterlilies and gray-headed coneflowers are highlights. The prairie garden is bursting with color - the purple and blue spikes of the anise hyssop and hoary vervain, the whites of the flowering spurge. The flamboyant orange canna lilies, found in several gardens, are not to be missed! The entry and gatehouse gardens are a riot of warm, bright hues. Also noteworthy: the gardens fronting the Oswald Visitor Center and Snyder Building, and the MacMillan Terrace Garden, sensory garden, annual and home demo gardens.

To visit our new What's In Bloom web page and see photos of what you can expect to see currently in bloom at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, click here.