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Eat Yourself Healthy Demonstration Garden - Grow a Healthy Handful

Plant an Eat Yourself Healthy Demonstration Garden in your neighborhood as a way to advocate for a health-giving diet. The five nutritional superstars recommended below are easy to grow, insect and disease resistant, and high yielding. They need plenty of sun to thrive, and they will grow well in grow bags, raised beds, pots or other containers as well as in traditional garden plots.

Edible demonstration gardens are best planted in high-traffic areas where many people will see them - e.g., schools, community gardens, clinics, businesses, bus stops, playgrounds, and places of worship - anywhere people congregate. Be creative!

Grow a Healthy Handful Interpretive Sign Set

The Grow a Healthy Handful interpretive sign set was designed to accompany the Eat Yourself Healthy Demonstration Garden so passers-by can learn by simply observing and reading at their leisure.

The signs are best printed on a material that can withstand water, wind, sun, and a little bumping around. Laminated paper can work, but has a very short lifespan and often looks ragged quickly; metal sign-base material is now readily available.

The full set can be printed on Dibond for $145.00, including taxes and shipping; the Dibond signs will last at least two years. For an additional $35, you can customize your signs by adding your organization's logo, or that of a sponsor - a neighborhood store, church, business or individual willing to cover the cost of sign production.

To order a set of signs, contact Lori at Fast Signs, 952-541-1944. You may also download the pdfs linked below to print the signs yourself.

Garden sign image     carrot sign     Pepper sign 

Garden Overview (18" x 17")         Carrot (10" x 12")               Pepper (10" x 12")

Squash sign    Swiss chard sign    Tomato sign

    Squash (10" x 12")         Swiss chard (10" x 12")       Tomato  (10" x 12")

  Exhibit-research consultant

    Research consultant
            (10" x 12")



It's SO easy to grow an Eat Yourself Healthy Demonstration Garden in your community!

Five Simple Steps to a Healthy Garden

Step 1. Choose a garden site with high traffic
Step 2. Plant the five crops
Step 3. Post interpretive signs
Step 4. Talk to people about it!
Step 5. Share your results on this page

Spread the word - share your plans!

If you or your community organization has plans to grow a garden (in any form), we'd like to know. Send us info, and we will post your community/neighborhood/organization's garden name - and designs, if you have them -  on this page.

Later this spring or summer, when your crops start growing, we will post the location and pictures of your garden so others can visit, admire and learn.

How to get your garden listed on this page.


Pine County-Pine City 2012 Garden Project

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Pine County-Pine City 2012 Project Report

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