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Disc Spiral


Jesús Bautista Moroles


This towering work was created from a large circular slab of granite that has been intricately carved. The square keyhole in its center invites you to "frame" your own work of art. Moroles strives to create work to inspire contemplation, meditation and reflection. The artist has said of his work, "I want to create more public art in places where people can go to contemplate, meditate, and reflect."


For the Young (and Young at Heart)

Try standing in different spots to see how your view through the sculpture's open square changes. Use its frame to decide the most beautiful view-will it be trees, sky, waving grasses? Did the sculpture change what you notice in nature?


Disc Spiral

Jesús Bautista Moroles, USA, Disc Spiral, 2000; Green and black granite