April Showers Bring May Flowers (April 29, 2016) -   Signs of Spring are all around. In the gardens near the Visitor Center and Snyder Bldg.: dwarf conifers, iris, Bergenia, Pasque flowers, golden yellow and white daffodils, Red bud. Brilliant Forsythina in full bloom. Charming magnolia popping out in pearly white.  Early-blooming tulips (some of the 30,000 bulbs planted) are openings. In the Dayton WIldlfower Garden: dwarf trout lilies with Siberian Squill, Jacob's Ladder and Mayapples setting their buds. Cutleaf toothwort, Dutchman's breeches, willd ginger and Rue anemone in bloom. Large-flowered bellwort, Celandine poppies and bluebells budding.  At Wurtele Bog Walk: marsh marigolds in full bloom, white and Northern bog violets appearing.  Along Green Heron Pond Trail: brilliant blue Hepatica, American Hazelnut, Grey dogwood, Speckled alder and Red osier dogwood.  Bloodroot in fruit, bluebells bursting to bud.  Early crabapple blossoms of pinks and purples. Fragrant lilacs showing off early blooms of purples, pinks and whites.