The Cutting Edge on Lawns

We can all be part of conserving water as we care for our lawns and gardens. Visit the Cutting Edge on Lawns exhibit on the island in front of the Oswald Visitor Center to see demonstration plots of new water-efficient grass varieties currently on the market as well as future lawn grasses being developed by University of Minnesota turf research scientists. Stroll into the Gardener's Idea Shed to see interactive displays on drought-tolerant landscape plants, wise watering and gardening practices, and products that both save water and promote plant health.

Water-Efficient Grass Varieties
Would you like a peek at up-and-coming low-maintenance lawn grasses? A drought-tolerant lawn grass that grows in shade? A native prairie grass being used at the University of Minnesota to develop tomorrow's drought-tolerant lawn grasses? Or maybe you would like to see what a no-mow grass mix looks like. Click here for full article.

Drought-tolerant Landscape Plants
The world is full of variety and plants are no exception. Some like it wet and some like it dry. For a look at some trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials that once established, grow well with little supplemental watering, click here.

Water-Wise Gardening Practices and Products
The water-wise gardener takes advantage of all of the tools he can to produce a healthy and beautiful lawn and garden while conserving water. For information on soil amending, plant selection, mulching, smart watering practices, and water-wise irrigation products, click here.


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