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Canto Notturno 


Mimmo Paladino


Paladino is an Italian painter, printmaker and sculptor working in wide-ranging settings—museums, churches, public squares, palaces, theatres. Some of his installations have become stage sets and vice versa; others have been collaborations with sound artists. Paladino says about his work that, "Art should generate ceaseless questions and never give answers."


For the Young (and Young at Heart)

"Canto Notturno," the artist's title for this work, means "night song." If you pretend it shows a scene from a play or story, what would you say has just happened? What will happen next? Look closely; perhaps its details will remind you of something or trigger an idea.


Canto Notturno

Mimmo Paladino, Italy, Canto Notturno, 1984; Bronze.