Hot Fun in the Summertime! (Updated July 22) - Tropical plants native to points south, such as Mandevilla, Canna and Hibiscus, absolutely thrive in the hot, sultry days that Minnesota often gets in July and August. Trained onto a system of trellises, the Mandevilla have a gorgeous presence on the terraces surrounding the main Arboretum buildings. The tall Cannas can be best seen in the Annual Garden across from the entrance to Three-Mile Drive. Late-summer bloomers such as Rudbeckia (known to most as Black-Eyed Susan), Salvia and Heliotrope are now adding to the profusion of color. The hop-on, hop-off Bee Line Shuttles (Thursday through Sunday, 11:30-4:30) make it easy to spend the day and see everything the Arboretum has to offer in the summertime.

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