Plant-Maker Studio

Plant-Maker's Studio Let's Talk Plants flower pot with assorted toolsNoon-4 p.m.
Saturdays and Sundays year round

Learning Center
Free with gate admission 

The Plant-Maker Studio offers "make a plant" experiences for all ages.
Our technology-loaded lives can leave anyone eager to dig into nature and get their hands on plants.
Studio activities, staffed by trained volunteers, will feature specific plants and take-homes for participants.
Learn how to start cuttings, plant seeds, print leaves, weave fibers and more. Supplies provided.

Noon-4 p.m.
Saturdays and Sundays year round
Learning Center

Free with gate admission

Now Featuring:

Leaf Printing for all agesSaturday June 27-Sunday August 16

Print Those Plants
Capture the beauty in Nature with a unique leaf print. Learn how to ink and press a detailed leaf print to take home.

Coming Soon:

August 22 - September 27 Wild Seed Cakes
Form a cake made of soil and seeds, ready to plant wherever you find a place in need of pollinator-friendly plants.
October 3 - October 31  Fall Colors Ablaze
Explore the beauty of fall leaf color with art and science activities
November 1 - November 29 Sweet Grass Braids
Create your own sweet scented braided grass to take home
December 5 - January 17 Evergreen Wonders
Keep your spirits green with evergreen branch and cone crafts
January 23 - February 28 Great Grains
Grind grains, plant wheat, and bake a bite to taste
March 5­ - April 10 Budding Branches
Swelling buds make a promise of spring. Find out what is inside buds, leaves or flowers, what will it be?