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Construction (Crucifixion)


Barbara Hepworth


This sculpture is one of the largest, and arguably the centerpiece, of the Arboretum collection, and is quite unlike the other two Hepworth pieces featured in the Sculpture Garden. It was purportedly the favorite of Hepworth's daughter and was created in homage to Dutch painter Pieter (Piet) Mondrian. There is also a cast of this piece at Winchester Cathedral. The artist said of her work, "I prefer my work to be shown outside. I think sculpture grows in the open light and with the movement of the sun its aspect is always changing; and with space and the sky above, it can expand and breathe."


For the Young (and Young at Heart)

Look closely at this piece, from top to bottom. Then go around to the other side and do the same. What do you see? Try it again, and notice whether the difference changes how you feel when you look at each side. 




Barbara Hepworth, England, Construction (Crucifixion), 1966; Bronze.