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Bench and Ellipse Column

Jesus Bautista Moroles


Although these are two separate works, they complement each other as a pair.  Moroles works in granite, which is second only to diamonds in its hardness level. His carving techniques are untraditional, using a diamond saw to repeatedly chisel away slices of the dense stone. A slab of uncut granite may weigh 10 tons, in contrast to the delicacy of the serene patterns he finds within it. 


For the Young (and Young at Heart)
Find the other Moroles sculpture here in the garden.  Think about how the changing seasons might change these sculptures? If there is snow, what do you notice in the sculptures that you might not notice if the snow weren't there? What about rain? And what does the sun bring out that wouldn't be as noticeable on a cloudy day?


 Bench and Ellipse Column

Jesús Bautista Moroles, USA, Bench c. 2001 and Ellipse Column c. 2005; Granite.